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“Shibashiba” – teaser trailer

“Shibashiba” – teaser trailer

I am very excited to share with you the teaser trailer for T1E Games’ upcoming “Shibashiba”:

Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Edouard Brenneisen © Edouard Brenneisen 2012 – 2013

Shibashiba is an obstacle-course runner that puts you in control of a family of Shiba Inu dogs—Mango, Mochi, and Kuro—each with their own unique power and personality.

Take control of the Shiba family—Mango, Mochi, and Kuro—each with their own unique ability. Utilize each leader’s ability to, run, jump, slide, dash & bash your way through 40 levels in this cute but challenging runner from T1E Games.

You can also view this video on YouTube:

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“Tess the Inventor” at Film Com

“Tess the Inventor” at Film Com

Jacqueline Gault, who produced “Tess the Inventor”, will be presenting the film at the Film Com in Nashville in April (13-19). Make sure to pay her a visit and discover all the projects she has going on!

I had the great pleasure of scoring this project a few weeks ago:

Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Edouard Brenneisen – © Edouard Brenneisen 2013

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Score to “The Hard Way Home” is complete!

“The Hard Way Home”

Edouard Brenneisen just completed the score to “The Hard Way Home”, directed by Seth Wimmer.

“The last thing to go through a man’s head before a bullet…is the thought of a woman.” Lending a poignant score to this film noir picture, Brenneisen relied on his jazz roots to highlight the film’s emotional undertones. Woodwind player extraordinaire Joe Albano played soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones.

Here is an excerpt from the score:

Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Edouard Brenneisen © Edouard Brenneisen 2013

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Latest news on the film “Population: 2”

Latest news on the film “Population: 2”

Hi everyone,

The good people at Rex Production and Post just released the latest news on “Population: 2”, the Gil Luna sci-fi drama that I got to score last year:

Here is an excerpt from the score to this critically-acclaimed film:

Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Edouard Brenneisen © Edouard Brenneisen 2011

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Cool news for “Tess the Inventor” + teaser of the film

Cool news for “Tess the Inventor”

Hi everyone!

“Tess the Inventor” ‘s very own Angelique Marion Berry is presenting the teaser trailer to 200 students today with a Q&A session plus the general public tomorrow at the 2013 Reel Fun Film Festival in Calgary!

The official website of the film also got an update. For those of you who are IMDb Pro members, check out details of the film here:

Last but not least, you can check out the teaser of the film on YouTube:

Also, make sure to check the music excerpts from the film here:

Congrats to Jacqueline Gault and everyone on the team for putting this together!

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A geeky post for your guys – custom Lemur control

Custom Lemur control page

I had Michael Hurwitz create a custom Lemur template to control Cubase. My productivity is already increasing, and makes producing music all the more enjoyable.

Lemur Custom Template

All of you Cubase and VSL users, check out Mike’s work at

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Check out an excerpt from “Tess the Inventor” today at the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival!

“Tess the Inventor” at the Rose City Steampunk Film Festival

If you’re in Portland today, check out the panel on “Tess the Inventor”, Jackal Film’s latest project that I was lucky to score!

Check for more info!

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Edouard Brenneisen wraps up the score to “Tess the Inventor”

“Tess the Inventor” is a wrap

Marking his third collaboration with writer/director/producer Jacquelien Gault of Jackal Films, the film depicts the adventures of a twelve-year-old Victorian genius plunged into the post-apocalyptic future of 2013, she hasn’t seen a single human being in the two months since her arrival.

Living on tins of beans, improving technology with her steampunk sensibilities, avoiding packs of mutant dogs – it’s all a little much to handle by one’s self.

So she scavenges parts from deserted shops and uninhabited homes and builds a friend; the steam-powered man, Electric Bob.

Together, they’ll travel across the empty landscape to match wits with bandits, hackers, and a CEO with entitlement issues.

Looking for answers to questions as big as the Universe.

To Tess, one thing is clear – if she wants a way home, she’ll have to build it herself…

For more info, visit and

Music excerpts by Edouard Brenneisen coming soon.

Tess the Inventor
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“HARD” trailer is now online

“HARD” trailer is up

“HARD” – Trailer

Directed by Garry Moore of S.H.A.M. Films, with original music by Edouard Brenneisen.

HARD is a trailer for a proposed feature film. We’re looking for investors right now. To get more info and an investment pack please email and we will email you one out. Please feel free to leave a comment. Is this a film you would want to go and see at the cinema? Do you think the concept is a great idea?

Feature Film Synopsis: After her sister Stacey is left brain damaged in a fight with rival firm leader Lulu Devine, 16 year old Beki joins Stacey’s old firm ‘The Warriors’, with revenge on her mind and her fighting ability soon outshines their leader Trixie. Her prowess attracts the attentions of Karen, but confused by her sexuality, Beki rejects Karen’s advances.

Trixie, jealous at Beki’s new found status, takes Karen for herself and during the much anticipated fight with Lulu’s firm leaves Beki behind to the mercy of their rivals. Barely getting out alive Beki turns to Karen for advice and the pair spend the night together. But in order to have Karen for herself Beki must challenge Trixie for leadership of ‘The Warriors’ . Beki soon learns that her revenge will have repercussions for everyone.

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Just completed the music for the trailer for “HARD”

“HARD” – music for the trailer is complete

Edouard Brenneisen just wrapped up the music for the trailer for “HARD”, a movie directed by Garry Moore and produced by S.H.A.M. Films. The trailer features impressive, raw performances by talented young British actresses.

Here is what director Garry Moore has to say about working with Edouard: “Thank you very much for your work on the trailer and for the fast turn around. It’s an incredible piece of music that enhances the mood and feeling of the film.”

Catch a sneak peek of the music here:

Music composed, arranged and produced by Edouard Brenneisen – © Edouard Brenneisen 2012

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