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“Last Knight” at the Festival Européen du Film Fantastique de Strasbourg

“Last Knight” at the European Festival of Fantasy Film in Strasbourg, France

Following up the latest news on “Last Knight”, the Toco Games epic adventure game will be presented at the Festival Européen du Film Fantastique de Strasbourg (France), as part of their “Indium Game Contest 2K13”:

I had the great pleasure of scoring this last year! Check it out!

Edouard Brenneisen

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“Last Knight” released on Mac and PC!

“Last Knight” released on Mac and PC!

The Toco Games/Crescent Moon Games game “Last Knight” has been ported to the Mac/PC platform.

You can purchase the game here:

…A Cutting Edge Endless Jousting, Jump and Ride game made with the Unreal Engine!

Battle against a wide range of fantasy creatures, from dragons to giant toads! Each and every creature has ragdoll physics – send your enemys flying!
The dangerous environments will challenge your jumping and dodging skills – more fun around every turn!

Collect coins, unlock and upgrade power ups, get all the characters, play through the story, make the longest ride and more!

The game features music and SFX by Edouard Brenneisen:

Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Edouard Brenneisen © Edouard Brenneisen 2012

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“Cybergeddon” soundtrack is out!

“Cybergeddon” soundtrack is out!

I had the pleasure of writing the score to this great cyber thriller along with Freddy Sheinfeld. The soundtrack is now out on iTunes as well as on the Facebook store:

Enjoy the music!

Edouard Brenneisen


Anthony E. Zuiker, the visionary creator of the CSI franchise, and his production company Dare to Pass in partnership with market leader Dolphin Digital Studios announced today the official worldwide premiere date, September 25, for Cybergeddon, a new digital blockbuster about the growing threat of cybercrime starring Olivier Martinez and Missy Peregrym. Today also marks the release of the official trailer now live at

Cybergeddon follows the story of agent Chloe Jocelyn as she investigates a slew of seemingly unrelated cyberattacks with fellow agent Frank Parker and incarcerated master hacker Chase ‘Rabbit’ Rosen. Chloe and her team must crack the worldwide cybercrime ring led by Gustov Dobreff before it is too late. In a world where everyone is connected, everyone is at risk.

Cybergeddon will debut exclusively in over 25 countries and 10 languages on Yahoo! in a series of nine digital chapters – three per day over the course of three consecutive days.

The experience on Yahoo! includes an immersive site featuring additional clips that provide a deeper narrative with the characters, exclusive on-set photos, behind-the-scenes clips and interviews with the cast and crew. It will also host a special section where people can go to learn more about the stark realities of cybercrime.

Zuiker, Bill O’Dowd, CEO of Dolphin Digital Studios, and the film’s creators made a firm commitment to ensuring the storytelling around Cybergeddonwas not only highly compelling and suspenseful, but also inspired by real-life cybersecurity concerns. To that end, the Zuiker team partnered with online security expert Norton by Symantec throughout the creative process to lend technical insights.

Cybergeddon is a cinematic experience that breaks traditional rules. With the global distribution arm of Yahoo!, we will give viewers a way to have more to do after watching the segments to gain more knowledge and further interact with the storyline and cast,” said Zuiker. “The best part is that all of this can be experienced on any device, anytime and anywhere, day and date with the launch of Cybergeddon.”

Cybergeddon is a first-of-its-kind film co-produced, distributed and financed by Dolphin Digital Studios in a deal brokered and packaged by Creative Artists Agency (CAA).


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2013 Accolade Competition Award of Merit for “Take My hand”

Children’s Cancer Association fundraising film “Take My Hand” gets a 2013 Accolade Competition Award of Merit

Kaja Zaloudek and Kenneth Luba of golightlyfilms, inc. arevery proud to announce that the marketing/fundraising video they Produced, Directed, Shot and Edited for the Children’s Cancer Association has WON a 2013 Accolade Competition Award of Merit!

I composed and produced the music for this film, and I’m thrilled that it helped children and families who have been dealing with cancer.

These awards go to those filmmakers, television producers, videographers and cinematographers who produce fresh, standout entertainment and compelling documentaries and films.The Accolade is an international awards competition that honors those who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity.

Kaja and Kenneth would also like to thank the amazing people from our film community that helped make this video possible. We share the award with all of you…

Miriam Garcia – Writer
Eric Macey – Assistant Camera/DIT
Jonathan Woolf – Key Grip
Brian Grubb – Location Sound
Paulius Kontijevas – At. AC/DIT
Emma Hall-Martin – Production Assistant

Edouard Brenneisen – Original Music Score
Special thanks to Sarah McLachlan

Tara Krick – Editor/Post Production Supervisor (REX Post))
Chris Borges-Silva – Lead Editor/GFX/EFX (REX Post)
Russ Gorsline – Post Production Sound Editor (REX Post)

Perry Loveridge – Camera Equipment/Grip and Lighting
Cholee Thompson – Talent
Richard Moore – Voice Over Talent

REX Post
Picture This Production Services
Ryan Artist
In Both Ears
CCA Staff and Volunteers

And the families and children battling cancer!

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Fantastic critical acclaim for “Micro Monsters 3D” + music from the trailer

Fantastic critical acclaim for “Micro Monsters 3D”

The ratings are through the roof regarding the David Attenborough documentary “Micro Monsters 3D”, which I had the pleasure to score alongside Joel Douek, Freddy Sheinfeld and Elik Álvarez.

Here’s what critics have to say, as well as the music I wrote for the trailer:

Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Edouard Brenneisen

The documentary series is currently being broadcast on Sky 3D in the U.K. Stay tuned for IMAX3D theatrical release!

Edouard Brenneisen

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July News

Things are extremely busy at the studio. I am currently working on a brand new episode of the animation show “Yû Gi Oh! ZEXAL”, making solid progress on the score to the video game Venassio.

In addition, this is documentary month for me. Although I can’t quite say what I am working on, I am writing music for a IMAX 3D film as well as a radically different documentary.

I will be releasing excerpts of music as soon as possible, and hope to find some time to work on a couple of other exciting projects.


Edouard Brenneisen

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Leamware releases the game “Topsy-Turvy”!

Leamware releases the game “Tops-Turvy”!

My friends at Leamware have released the game “Topsy-Turvy” for Windows 8 devices. You can find more information at

Here is an excerpt from the music I wrote for the game:

Music composed by Edouard Brenneisen © Edouard Brenneisen 2012

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“Cybergeddon” fan art soundtrack contest

“Cybergeddon” fan art soundtrack contest

The news is finally official – there will be a soundtrack for “Cybergeddon”!

If you’re a fan of the series and have a liking for graphic design, check this Facebook contest:

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Edouard Brenneisen to score “Venassio”

Edouard Brenneisen takes on “Venassio”

Edouard Brenneisen has been signed to score Venasssio, Blup Blup Game Studio‘s upcoming game. The game will feature a powerful and cutting edge hybrid score by Population: 2 and Cybergeddon composer Edouard Brenneisen.


Venassio (game in development) comes from the Latin work Venatio, which refers to the art of hunting and slaying exotic creature during the Roman Empire.


For more information, visit

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“Population: 2” – the award-winning film is now available

“Population: 2” – the award-winning film is now available

“Population: 2” has been placed on Amazon and Netflix! Log onto Netflix (if you have a DVD account) as well and do a search for “Population: 2” and tell them you want to see it! Here is the Amazon link:

You can also rent “Population: 2” from Blockbuster.

Here is an excerpt from the score for the film:

Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Edouard Brenneisen © Edouard Brenneisen 2011

A woman in the aftermath of a terrible global event is left alone to ponder the past.

Population: 2 takes place in an unspecifed time in which something has gone wrong; something that has left the world devoid of humanity. Whatever occurred, only one survivor remains, a female named Lilith.

Every day, Lilith wanders the remains of civilization, scavenging what she can from the deserted refuse of what was once a bustling city. Her red wagon drags along behind her, its rusty wheels squeaking out a constant and lonely rhythm in the dead city. Once she had planned to fill it with a child’s toys. Now, instead, she fills it with canned goods, bottled water, and whatever else she can find to help her live another day. These materials she brings back to her underground home, a nest she’s carved out for herself underneath the deserted city streets.

She also brings back a coffin. Then she eats dinner alongside whatever is inside.

The film prompts one to explore the themes of loss and loneliness, as well as to show the consequences of the choices we make and the choices we are afraid to make. It warns about the dangers of taking things for granted, most especially the relationships we forge with the people willing to take life’s journey with us.


• 2011: Sellout premiere (590 tickets) at the Bagdad Theater
• 2011: EMPIXX Trailer Competition, platinum award
• 2012: Indie Fest, award of merit
• 2012: Accolade Competition, award of excellence
• 2012: Houston World Fest, REMI award
• 2012: New York in L.A. International Film Fest


“Population: 2 is relevant, in every sense of the word. I have been thinking a lot since the flm about the representation of corporate greed and their lack of ethics. I keep thinking about the number of people in real life in Portland who live now (pre-apocalyptic) in similar survival mode as the character in your story. What a true story you tell.”

“In the days since the screening, I have really had a hard time not thinking of all the concepts in this artful movie… Anyone who sees it will defnitely blown away by the photography and the music.”

“I loved the flm. It is really provocative and evocative. As 21st Century people rush to hasten the end of life as we know it by worshipping an imaginary past and dreaming that it can be replicated ad nauseum, it seems to me that there is both room for and a need for some rational artists to present a
different opinion.”

Directed by Gil Luna

Cinematography by Kenneth Luba

Story by Gil Luna &Jonathan Stark

Principle Cast: Suzanne Tufan, Jon Ashley Hall, Shelley Lipkin

Music by Edouard Brenneisen

Genre: Science Fiction, Apocalypse, Drama, Independent





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