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How’bout some espionage/CSI/thriller music today?

Hi everyone,

Here are some of the latest tracks I worked on for your listening pleasure (hopefully).

Music composed, processed and produced by Edouard Brenneisen – © Edouard Brenneisen 2012.

Thanks for listening!

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June news

We live in a strange world – or at least, the people who work in the “entertainment industry” do. Sometimes, the things that excite you the most are the ones you can’t talk about. This is exactly the situation I’m in right now. There is some good stuff happening, in my civilian life as well as in my composer life. Hopefully, I can share all of this with you in the near future, and be publicly thankful to those who have helped me in my recent endeavors.

In the meantime, I have updated my Vimeo and Youtube accounts with some of the most recent stuff I have worked on. I have added some nice comments about my music from esteemed collaborators on the testimonials part of this website.

There WILL be a major video update coming soon – my team and I are working really hard at putting this together.

I will also some have new music excerpts for you listening pleasure pretty soon. While you’re waiting, I’d like to share with you two tracks I recently wrote and produced:

“Rihla” is a Middle Eastern piece. Oh… more of that later in 2012, too. Some news involving yours truly and best buddy Alex Terrier.


“Shadow Puppet” is a sound design-based trailer music piece. I am working on new material in this department.


Back to work for now – stay tuned!

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Sound Design-based Trailer Music – introducing “Shadow Puppet”

Hi everyone!

Although I haven’t been very active here, I’ve been very busy working on secret (and not-so-secret) projects. Hopefully, I’ll be able to disclose some of these things soon.

In the meantime, check out this new piece, “Shadow Puppet”

As always, please let me know your thoughts on this! More of where that came from soon.

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Sneak peek: “Life Mission” trailer

Hi All!

I stumbled upon the trailer to “Life Mission” on Vimeo, and thought I’d share it with you:

Be sure to check out some of the music I did for this cool action film.

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CCA “Joy Rx” video!

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to share with you the new Children’s Cancer Association video. Please visit this Facebook page.

“Joy Rx” a :30 PSA for the Children’s Cancer Association produced by golightlyfilms, inc. Producer Kaja Zaloudek, Director/DP Kenneth Luba. AC Eric Macey, Gaffer Richard Mitchell, Jib and Jib Operator Robert G. Pallotta, Makeup/Stylist Shannon Hall, Music Composition Edouard Brenneisen. Cameras, Grip and Lighting supplied by Picture This Production Services, Post Production by Chris Borges-Silva of Rex Post. Thank you all!

Founded more than 15 years ago by a family who has been there, the Children’s Cancer Association brings JoyRx to seriously ill children and their families, in the hospital and at home. When families need support, CCA is there with award-winning programs and resources, available at no cost to those in need, in Oregon, SW Washington and across the nation.

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Hi everyone!

I have been extremely busy this past month writing music for a very special project. Unfortunately, I’m still not at liberty to disclose the name of the project at the moment, but I will make it public when the time comes. I contributed quite a bit of music to the score, under the direction of friend and principal composer Freddy Sheinfeld. Guillermo Silberstein was also of great help in contributing music for the film.

August won’t be any slower, as I am already working on demos for upcoming projects, as well as planning the construction of my new studio.

Stay cool!


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Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to my brand new website!

For those of you who have visited the previous incarnation of, I hope you will find this version easier and more pleasant to navigate.

If this is the first time you visit my website, or if you are discovering my music, welcome!

In any case, please do not hesitate to drop me a line. I will be ironing out the kinks of the new site in the next few days. Stay tuned for more information!

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